2020-Vienna, Austria

Dear colleagues,
We are glad to invite you to participation in the Pre-first Congress of the European Association of Neurologists “Neurological treatment of Neurotraumatological diseases” that will be held 05-06 of March, 2020 in the 2A Sadova St. 79017, Lviv, Ukraine.
At the congress, it is trying to present the latest research in neurological treatment of Neurotraumatological Diseases.

To participate in the congress are invited: neurosurgeons, epileptologists, students and residents whose working with neurosurgical treatment of epilepsy and other functional states – neurosurgical treatment of hyperkinesis, pain, autonomic dysfunctions and mental illness.
All interested persons can act as listeners, as well as participants – speakers, publish an article in the scientific journal of the Association and prepare a poster.

Registration form: 05-06 of March, 2020,Vienna, Austria